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Baby Surprise!

17 May

This is exciting stuff. Like the most exciting thing that has happened to me in months. And it didn’t even happen to me, but Mark and I are so thrilled that our very best friends are HAVING A BABY!!!

When she found out she was pregnant, Tiffany was immediately concerned with health, eating well, and taking care of herself and the baby.   On the other hand, I was seriously concerned with documenting the cutest, tiniest baby belly ever to grow. Luckily, Tiffany agreed to some photographs of the pregnancy to keep far off friends and family posted.

Love this prego lady!

So excited about their growing family!

7-ish weeks – Not really sure but really excited!

As it turns out the first week’s photo was inaccurate. Make that a really iffy 7 weeks. It was actually 11 weeks making this photo week 13!

Cutest baby bump ever! Tiff finally had to invest in some new pants. Still tiniest 17 week prego lady I have seen! 🙂

And although a bit out of order saving the best for last! Da-da-da! And the gender is…

Baby T-Shane you don’t know it yet but there are a bunch of people who can’t wait to meet you and love you so much already!

A Toast!

2 Nov

In case you don’t know, my husband is crazy-super-awesome.

He has been working like wild to get hired on as a firefighter. And in this step of his journey he is getting his paramedic. He just had his skills test yesterday – for nine hours straight! And passed!!!! HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!

So proud of him. No work on the house yesterday night. Just celebrating with a drink and a toast!

PS. Thanks Shane and Tiff for celebrating with us. You guys are the best friends!!! 🙂

Friday Fav’s

14 Oct

So excited to demo the bathroom!

Mark actually demoing the bathroom

Having fun with paint!

Having fun with paint!

I like these people...

Friday fav’s

23 Sep

Last night we had our first Bible study with our new group. One of the get to know you questions was what was your first date. And so Friday fav’s get a little nostalgic. Here is the short version.

  1. Tiffany and I decided to have new years be a girls weekend and we went to Ripon to house sit so the first stop was of course, Pizza Plus.
  2. Mark said to Tiffany and I, “Can I have either of your phone numbers?”
  3. Mark got my phone number (luckily!)
  4. Mark asked me to go to dinner with him on new years eve.
  5. I said yes — but brought Tiffany.
  6. Tiffany said she would come, but brought 3 boys.
  7. Nobody had room available at a nice restaurant for 6 people.
  8. Mark bought us pizza.
  9. Mark got one slice of pizza because the other boys ate the rest.
  10. LOVE

Girls weekend - classic Friday Fav. Even from 2007. Even with that jacket. And those walls

meeting Mark on girls weekend? Best!

Friday Fav’s

16 Sep

driving to weddings in style. The RV rides like a dream. Yes, those are helmets.

Ready to ride in the RV.

Wine tasting! 🙂

Haning out with some of my favorite ladies

I adore this chandelier. I want one for my office... my non-vaulted office. Can I just hang it in the corner to look cool?

Nothing beats hitting the dance floor with Oma!

Goodbye Convertible

18 Jul

I LOVED my car when I got it in college. I had wanted a convertible since I was little. I had a friend who told me it was not very practical. But I would argue that it was the most practical option for me. All I wanted to do is cruise around with the top down and big sunglasses. And I did. All the time. During the summer I turned the AC up and during the winter I turned up the heat and wore a sweatshirt. Since I lived in Orange County one of these was almost always an option. The only thing that stopped me was the occasional rain shower.

When Mark would come to visit we would drive down to Rose Donuts in Corona del Mar with the top down. I drove that car back and forth to Ripon a few times. And when I finally moved up to Ripon Mark and I followed our friend’s truck in the Mustang.

But the Mustang just has not been the same up in Northern California. The summers are too hot and the winters too cold to have the top down. So Mark and I finally sold it this past weekend. The title of the Mustang had my maiden name on it and it was cosigned with my Dad. As I cleaned out the center console I found a menu from Stella’s, a favorite restaurant of my old roommate and some great CD mixes I used to listen to with my girlfriends before everything was on an ipod (Mark will never appreciate Brit Brit).

It is interesting that selling that car is almost like turning that chapter of my life. Mark and I are going to wait a bit to find the right new car, but when we do buy a new car it will have my married name and be cosigned with my husband. [Crazy! It will be our biggest purchase together ever!] The menu’s and receipts stuffed in the console will likely be from San Joaquin County and the music is always country. Or reggaeton if Tiffany is in the car and I let her bring Wisin Y Yandel.

But don’t worry, I will still slip in some bee bopping music and call the freeways, even around here, the 5 and the 99. Even if I get a new car, some things just can’t change.

Last picture of the mustang. Someone else at Rogelio's car lot will be vey happy to get it!