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Friday Fav’s

4 May

FINALLY tried the Doritos taco. I have been looking forward to this for so long and was so excited to actually get to try it. It was delicious.

Steve Martin and the Steep Canyon Rangers. So funny!

Stagecoach and my sister’s love of dancing. Awesome.

Crazy stash of snacks from Mark’s mom!

My handsome cowboy hubby!

Loving the fish tail braid my sister gave me!


1 May

This past weekend we went to Stagecoach. It was fantastic! I am not sure if I loved having a few days off or if it was the music, but it was great.

Hangin with the sister!


The best looking cowboys at Stagecoach!


Stagecoach snacks!


So much fun.

Great vacation weekend.





Friday Fav’s

27 Apr


New flowers in the yard!

Mark and I went shopping and he wanted in on the Sees' Candy visit. Love it!

Chinese Sunday and a movie. Best. Tradition. Ever.

Stagecoach this weekend! So excited!!!

Friday Fav’s

20 Apr

Spring time!

Chinese Sunday. I love it every time.

Fun details from the wedding last weekend!

Home made mini pretzels. So good!

Mark's sweet new kicks - just in time for Stagecoach!!!

Friday Fav’s

6 Apr

Gotta love SFO.

Mini lasagnas for Mark's lunches while I am gone

I was in Dallas this week when the Tornado hit. Tuesday on the left and then Wednesday on the right. Crazy how fast things change!

Goodbye 2011!

29 Dec

This past year has been such an adventure. It seems like so much has happened this year. I started looking through all the pictures from this year and really can’t believe all the things that we crammed in just 12 months! Some of my favorite highlights from 2011:

1. Stagecoach – Such a great time! We already bought our tickets for our fourth year in a row of Stagecoach and I highly recommend all our friends buy their 2012 tickets too!

2  Anniversary trip to half moon bay: We had the most amazing time celebrating our first year of marriage. Time to start planning another fun adventure for this year 🙂

3. Weddings Galore! Some of our best friends got married this year and Mark and I were so excited to be able to celebrate with them

4.  New job – No picture but I started a new job back in April and since then have been able to spend much more time with my hubby who I love! He is my favorite!

5.  New house: Maybe the most exciting thing all year! We are so excited for all the adventures to come in this place!

6.  New car: Love my new big car!

7  More summer camping trips than ever before. Mark’s favorite activity together. And this year we brought the dogs!

8. Summer adventures – The redneck water slide just might be the best!

9. Talking it to the streets – So cool to get out in the community with our church

10.  Family fun and visits – Love them!

Friday Fav’s

28 Oct

Love wine time in plastic cups with friends and a break from painting!

My brother and sister are coming to visit this weekend! Love them (and this 2008 picture!)

HGTV inspiration taped to the walls!

Ginormous cups of coffee are the best! It is how I function these days!

Stagecoach tickets go on sale today!!! Buy them! Such an awesome line up 🙂

Stagecoach memories!