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Summer BBQ

25 Jun

Nothing feels like summer more than a poolside BBQ. Even the insanely hot days we had a week or so ago do not define  this season as much the Weber does. Nights like these are the best. On top of a delicious meal, BBQ also means I am not the one who has to cook it – not even with minimal interaction with the crock pot.

Mark whipped up a delicious meal to wrap up our lazy weekend; tasty burgers topped with bell pepper and avocado plus fresh corn on the cob. Now it really feels like summer!

Buttery Scones

16 May

Mother’s Day was an adventure. Mark and I hosted brunch and made lots of treats, but all of them were new! Thank goodness for Pinterest, pictures and other people’s reviews. One of our favorite new concoctions were some delicious, buttery scones. They were perfect for Mother’s Day- or any day really. We used this recipe, but left out the cherries and almonds and used a full cup of heavy cream- they aren’t supposed to be healthy, just delicious!


Mother’s Day Treats!

Friday Fav’s

11 May

More strawberries from our garden!

Meisje likes going in the pool but Lexi likes laying out with me!

The Chive guys at our epic game of kickball last weekend!

My new favorite summer sandwich: avocado and tomato. Mmm…

Summer Resolutions

8 May

Mark and I were chatting this past weekend and decided we really needed to get with it and try to eat a little healthier- like maybe not cheesy dishes every night! 🙂

And now that summer weather has arrived, we love going for walks or going to the park for some puppy playtime in the evenings.

And then I got to thinking, why in the world does everyone make New Year’s resolutions in January. I get that it is a new year, but come on. The freezing cold does not make me want to eat winter veggies, just pumpkin bread and gingerbread cookies. And who wants to get up in the dark and put on mittens and ten layers just to run. No way.

But during the summer clothes get smaller and fresh fruit makes for a delicious dessert so we figured we would be up for a summer resolution. And even though we just want to be healthier, I wouldnt be opposed to reducing my snack pack.

Tragically we started it out on Chinese Sunday. But it was worth it. First up during healthy summer, a delicious taco salad with salsa instead of dressing.

Healthy summer!

Garden Grow

3 May

The day has finally arrived! We picked the first treasures from our garden yesterday afternoon. Cilantro and strawberries. So exciting!

And to make it even better, we made dinner using these ingredients. Well really the cilantro only. We just ate the strawberries on their own.

Delicious fish tacos with fresh cilantro from the garden.

Love eating on the porch. And love our home made tortillas!

To top it off, a sweet strawberry.

My way to eat a strawberry…

Mark’s way to eat a strawberry. Dipped in sugar for extra sweetness… That guy…

Banana Bummer

10 Apr

I keep buying bananas from Costco even though I know I just can’t possibly eat them all before they turn brown. Sometimes I go on strange food kicks and this is one of them.

After having great luck with banana bread, I decided to take it a step further and make these Skinny Monkey Cookies. At first I did not like them. They looked like rich chocolaty deliciousness but tasted like slightly chocolate bananas. As it turns out, I still like slightly chocolate bananas- just not when I am expecting rich sugary chocolate. But on the plus side, I can adjust my expectations for a 47 calorie cookie.

Skinny Monkey Cookie

It gets even better. The ingredients in this bad boy are bananas (duh) and applesauce, hence the skinny bit of the name. Even though I am willing to try a brand new recipe in search of another cookie to eat for breakfast, I am not willing to take an extra trip to the grocery store. So it an ironic twist of laziness, I made the applesauce from scratch to avoid going to the store.

I forgot how much I liked home made applesauce. So the benefit of this story is I like my semi-chocolaty banana cookies and I really enjoy home made applesauce. Both excellent ways to get my sweet fix without turning into a larger version of myself. Thank goodness for skinny cookies and natural sugars.

Leftover applesauce and cinnamon.

Banana Bread

4 Apr

I really like bananas. They are tasty, they go well with some of my other favorite things, coffee and oatmeal, and they are yellow which I appreciate.

Mark does not like bananas. He doesn’t like it when we purchase bananas, even if they are for me and he does not have to eat them.

Sometimes when we get bananas I eat all of them. But when we get them at Costco, even though they are an excellent deal, I have a hard time eating 15 bananas before they go bad. (I said I really like bananas – I am not a crazy bananas for every meal person!). So I needed to find a way to get Mark to eat bananas with me. Kinda like the zucchini situation. Unlike zucchini, I could not shred a banana into his lasagna. I don’t think. If you have successfully made banana lasagna let me know.

In any case banana bread it was. But Mark doesn’t even like banana bread so I had to find something that was enough like cinnamon bread that he would go for it. Ta-da! Banana bread with Mark’s stamp of approval. I used this recipe, but I didn’t have milk so I used vanilla creamer (don’t worry it worked), and added a little bit of nutmeg.

So good!


We ate it on the front porch. That made it even more fun. 🙂