2 Jul

Last week my computer got the blue screen of death. I was seriously thinking that I had enough of a break from my blog and was itching a bit to get back at it. And then… duh, duh, duh! (Insert ominous music) My computer just totally craped out.

And because it is about 7 or 8 years old I really don’t want to put too much effort in getting it up again. I mean come on; I have probably had at least 6 phones in that amount of time. I really think it is just time for the ‘ol ThinkPad to retire and for me to get a slick new Mac. Probably not going to happen, but in the meantime I can steal Mark’s once in a while.

Which is stupid but not really why I titled this post stupid. That was more just to explain my extended absence from writing any blog posts. Loosely related by also stupid:

The treasures available from the Sunday paper…

I am pretty sure the best part is that it already has the option checked to “Please rush me” the Meekrat Solar Lights. How did they know I need this immediately?


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