Two Years

29 May

Today marks two years of being married to the funniest, most handsome, loving and generous guy I know. Last year I put together all the memories I had from the first year of marriage, and since the second year of marriage has been just as exciting I figured I should make another list!

Some of my favorite memories from year two of marriage:

  1. Getting our first house! I was so impatient with this and with all the projects associated with this place it has been an adventure to fix up but it has been so much fun doing it together.
  2. Stagecoach. It is always awesome. Particularly with my very own cowboy.
  3. Lazy Sundays. Since we have been in the new house this has been one of my favorite ways to spend an afternoon with Mark
  4. Holiday madness. Every year since we started dating Mark and I have embarked on a crazy season of travel to be with both sides of the family and even though it is wild, I love it.
  5. Random weekend getaways. Any excuse to go on an adventure is a good idea to me!
  6. Adventures in the almond orchard. 

I can’t believe it has been two years since our wedding. Love this man! So excited for all the years to come!


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