So Old

12 Apr

I am feeling SO OLD. So.old.

I felt like Mark and I were really fun and had not changed very much. Well We.Have.Changed. While visiting with a friend, we ran into few of her under-21 acquaintances. It made me feel SO.OLD.

Twenty year old guys with fake IDs, these are the things that make me feel old. And that make you seem SO young:

  1. You ask people you are introduced to how old they are within the first two minutes. Stop that.
  2. Your alter ego is the name on your fake ID.
  3. You have a catch phrase that is just a regular phrase you say excessively and with gusto. Saying “Wake up” every five minutes might make it your thing, but it is still stupid.
  4. Every time a lady is mentioned in a conversation you insert your opinion on her level of hotness. This is not really appropriate conversation material.
  5. Everything is SO dramatic. Hey, it’s not. Calm down ya nut.
  6. You want a dog. And a hyena. (Obviously if you had your own place you would know what a pain pet dander and hair can be and you would set your sights on a nice short haired outside dog).

21-year old me.


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