The Same

28 Mar

Mark and I love our house. It is so fun to have our own place and we really love seeing things come along as we fix it up. But some things are boring. I don’t so much mind if we have to do some hard work to get things clean or tidied up. That type of thing is boring but at least we have something to show for it.

But last weekend we had a really depressing project. Mark and I spent four hours roto-tilling the backyard to get rid of roots and rocks and weeds. FOUR HOURS. It lowered the level of the dirt so the planter dirt did not flow out into the pool. But here is the thing, at the end of the day, it looked EXACTLY the same!

Sad day. We have some new projects coming up soon that will make a lot more difference than the rototilling. But that’s for another weekend.

For now, the main differnce in our backyard is Meisje and her new toy. A tree root. She runs around with that thing all day! Forget trying to purchase toys she chews up in a day. This thing lasts for weeks!


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