Three Cents

13 Mar

[So as a back story to this, Mark is making a bar top out of pennies. The coin that typically gets lost at the bottom of purses and deep in couch cushions is now put aside and treasured as an integral part of the man room.]

Last weekend Mark and I went on a date. His parents had given us a Red Lobster gift card and we finally had the chance to use it. I just love those cheesy rolls they give you at the beginning! After a few drinks in the bar, some entrees and, of course, clam chowder for Mark, our bill was exactly $50.97. We put down our $50 gift card and a one dollar bill. We had another $10 for tip but we wanted to wait and be sure everything went through on the gift card.

When the waiter brought back the receipt Mark was not happy. “Why didn’t he bring us the change!” Mark thought the guy was trying to jip us. I finally convinced him that the waiter just didn’t know we had plans for those three cents and that he still deserved his 20% tip. I suppose most people dont care about three little ‘ol pennies. But we will get there soon. Bar top is coming!

Date night!




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