One Day This Will Be Funny: Shoes

6 Mar

Do you ever make a mistake that just seems so huge. Sometimes I get really wrapped up in work and the things that pop up seem so overwhelmingly awful and it is really hard to keep some perspective. You try to think, “Ok well one day this will probably be funny.” I was trying to think of some of these stories to make someone else feel better and this one popped to mind.

So, here is one of my “one day this will be funny stories.” (It was actually really funny that same night but at the time I was really embarrassed.)

In a past life I traveled around and put on different events. One of the main event types was an executive luncheon at a nice steakhouse like Morton’s or Ruth’s Chris. I would invite lots of professionals to hear a speaker and eat a delicious lunch.

On this particular day we were at a Morton’s located about 10 minutes away from our corporate office. So all of my bosses were going to be there. Plus we had about 60 people who were supposed to show up for the luncheon. I was nervous, but I was sure it would be fine. It was not my first time putting one of these things on.

I was running around getting the corporate room set up and making sure the menus were in place before people started to arrive. I decided to take a minute to pull myself together. I looked down. It was horrifying.

I had on two different shoes! The worst part was they were not even the same height. They differed by about a half inch. I must have been so distracted preparing that I totally missed my fashion faux pas.

Thank goodness a coworker was able to bring me a matching set. But not before everyone else knew about my mismatched footwear.

Mismatched shoes. They are pretty beat up since they got a lot of use. I haven't worn them in ages but thank goodness I still had them for this photo example. 🙂



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