Happy Valentines Day!

14 Feb

Five years ago I had a brand new boyfriend who came to visit me in Orange County all the way from northern California just for Valentines Day.

See - new boyfriend. Old agenda with Mark events color coded in orange - yes I have always been a nerd.

I was actually pretty reserved about him because it seemed silly to even think about dating someone who lived so far away.

But he seriously blew me away that weekend. I am all for showy gifts that involve throwing down some cash, but a well thought out gift can really grab a girl’s attention.

He must have purchased everything that the CVS had to offer. I had a huge box to open with all sorts of treats. My favorite though was an entire box of Valentines. Like the kind that you get when you are little so you can give one to everyone in the class. All of them were addressed to me from Mark. And when I put them together they spelled out a message to me. It was adorable.

First Valentines Treat!

Another adorable Valentine: home made coupons. Can’t beat this. I would like to point out the back massage. Since these are only good on Feb 14 (no year listed), I am going to take advantage of this old coupon today!

Valentines 2007

I love my man. Neither of us our spending much money on the other this year. And I am so excited to celebrate with little things again this year. Sometimes they are just the best!

Isn't he cute!



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