Valentine Gift Ideas for Him

7 Feb

Mark is so picky, but I am starting to get his style more and more. So I was really excited when he liked most of the things I came up with on this list. And then he said, “Am I getting any of them?” with this hopeful look on his face… Uh, I think he misunderstood my window shopping idea. Maybe I can scrap together some spare change somewhere…

  1. I know it looks like a plain sweatshirt but this is maybe the coolest sweatshirt ever. It is totally water-proof. Mark actually has it and he can put his arm right under a faucet and the water runs right off. And it looks really good on. Under Armor puts together a good sweatshirt.
  2. I like this belt buckle. It is just fun.
  3. It took me a long time to realize how essential a slim leather wallet is for a man. I think this Nixon one is stylish but still thin enough to meet man expectations.
  4.  I think aviators look great on guys. And these Von Zipper sunglasses are some of my favorites.

This is the gift section for vices. But they make for some really good gifts – probably some of Mark’s favorite items.

  1. Mark is way to Dutch to purchase Johnnie Walker Blue Label for himself, but I have seeen him eyeballing this stuff every time we walk by the liquor section in Costco. I know it would be a hit.
  2. Cigars. Gross. But an occasional one with the boys is fun for Mark. So that makes the gift list. And per his recommendation, these are Drew Estate.
  3. Whiskey stones are a fun addition to a bar.
  1. Men are also boys. Marks best friend Shane got a remote control helicopter so guess what Mark really wants…
  2. I love when Mark uses his Art of Shaving shave kit. It gives him such smooth skin and the Sandalwood scent is fantastic.



One Response to “Valentine Gift Ideas for Him”

  1. mrspedigrew February 7, 2012 at 9:27 am #

    Nice gift ideas! I like the buckle. I’m doing a “12 Days of Valentines” project you might enjoy. Come on over.

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