Chinese Food Sunday

18 Jan

I love traditions. Fortunately for me, Mark does do. In his world if we do something once and he likes it, it is tradition – or our thing – or the way we do things and forevermore that is how things are done!

Mark has always loved Chinese food. I am usually more of a sandwich person. Probably because sandwiches inevitably come with a pickle and a huge chocolate chip cookie. I am a sucker for delicious cookie. Chinese food comes with a fortune cookie. And while I do love a good fortune, the cookie itself is not really all that great. On top of that I feel like the fortunes have gone downhill since I was a little kid. Lately they are more along the lines of generic advice or common sense. Or even worse, just something generally known to be true. I want them to say something dramatic: “You will receive a lot of money,” “You will soon meet with tragedy,” or “A passionate romance is in your future.” You know the things trashy novels are made of.

In any case, Chinese cookies just don’t hold a candle to a delicious deli cookie. Which is why our new tradition is quite a deviation from the usual for me.

Introducing Chinese Sunday. We have ordered Chinese food not one, not two, but three Sundays in a row! And for some reason, now that it is officially dubbed Chinese Sunday in our house it is even more exciting. All day last Sunday Mark and I kept saying, “I can’t wait for Chinese Sunday” and “I am so excited to eat Chinese food on Chinese Sunday.”

And now it is tradition so this how we do things.

Enjoying Chinese food from New China in Ripon


2 Responses to “Chinese Food Sunday”


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