Cleaning Solution

4 Jan

This is kind of embarrassing. (Mark read this and said I should probably start with “This is very embarrassing.”)

Yesterday I answered the door in the afternoon and this young lady was there to give me her pitch on some cleaning solution. She starts drawing on a towel with her pen and asked me what I would do to fix that and I said I would use a Shout stick. So she proceeded to show me how her solution could take the pen mark out of the towel, how it could wipe the hard water off my windows, how it cleaned the wood on my porch and how it could take a random rust spot off my concrete patio.

Ok, ok lady! So I haven’t cleaned as well as I ought to! My patio is filthy. Give me a break! No need to rub it my face with your fancy solution by cleaning everything within arm’s distance on my porch! Plain ol’ soap and water would do that! That wasn’t enough to convince me I should shell out $36.95. (Ugh- that is enough for dinner.)

No, what got me was when she started talking about an honest job and just trying to get by and the 11 people growning up in her grandmas home in Hemet. And she kept calling me girl and cleaning my dirty patio and trying to make an honest living.

Official: I’m a sucker for a sob story.

And so I did it. I shelled out an absolutely obscene amount of money for cleaning supplies I don’t even need. I could have bought Mark a whole bottle of Knob Creek instead.

Sorry love. On the plus side the chick said that this is supposed to last like three years. I figure I’ll just keep it around so I can whip it out to ward off future quick talkers and their sob stories.

Andrea: Sucker


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