2012 To Do

2 Jan

I am really not good at new year’s resolutions. I have a hard time coming up with something practical that I can do that is not completely vague. But lists I like. I can make lists for days. So I decided to put down all the things I would really like to do in 2012. It didn’t work out like I thought…

  1. Paint our house – or more accurately, get it painted. It’s our next project to save for.
  2. Go on a really great vacation. Not like camping or visiting my parents, although I really love those things. I’m talking a substantial flight, hotel rooms, and some non-English speaking/ non-spanish speaking people all over the place – unless we are in Spain, in which case Spanish-speaking is just fine.
  3. Send out a Christmas card. I felt like a bum this year. It seems like all kinds of couples who just got married, or were in our Bible study had these great photo Christmas cards that they sent out. And then my friend Christi said, “I didn’t get yours.” Oops! Next year we will come up with something so we aren’t the Grinch.
  4. Progressive bike trip. It just sounds cool.

That’s a pretty short list right? I think that’s ok. I tend to make lots of little lists as life goes on. So here we go 2012!



One Response to “2012 To Do”

  1. cherise@simplytwentysomething January 2, 2012 at 11:22 am #

    i *love* lists, too! i think i make at least a handful every single day, =).

    my fiance and i didn’t send out xmas cards this year either and definitely felt like a grinch — we thought about trying the “new year’s” cards idea but that didn’t seem to happen either. oops! next year, right?!

    cheers to new year’s resolutions! and to a fabulous 2012. =)

    xo, cherise

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