28 Dec

A few weeks ago we found this on our door:

the Nastygram

The funny part about it is that we were just talking about how great our dogs had been and how little they were barking. We attributed their behavior to the double sided fence in the back yard and the fact that they couldn’t see through it. And because it has been so chilly I have kept the dogs inside almost all day because I am worried they will get cold – Mark says their fur keeps them warm but I know they like the space heater in my office as much as I do!

But then we got the Nastygram from our mystery neighbor. Not that the person who wrote it is all wrong. Our dogs are big and can be loud. But not all the time – they are typically inside and often sit in their kennel outside to avoid the cold. Plus there is a bloodhound three doors down that howls for hours on end and a super cute, yappy wiener dog right next door and another big dog down the street that likes to make itself known. So then I wondered if everyone got the Nastygram? Did everyone just forget to turn off their dogs after leaving the house?

The other thing that got me is that in writing the note anonymously the neighbor didn’t actually welcome us at all, or even give us the chance to apologize and see when they noticed this so we might be able to keep them inside at that time. I mean, do the dogs bark during their nap time from 12-1? Do they have a baby who takes a nap at two? Or perhaps nastygram neighbor is a nurse who works at night and needs to sleep in the morning.

In any case, I didn’t really feel this person should have started with “Welcome to the neighborhood” when everything to follow said the opposite. Maybe something more along the lines of “I hate you so much right now…” would have been an opening that fit with the remainder of the note.

Aside from the Nastygram neighbor Mark and I have the most friendly and welcoming neighbors. We are so excited to live in our neighborhood and have enjoyed getting to know people. We are hoping to be more like the neighbors who we have met so far.

PS. If any of you Ripon folks know someone in our neighborhood with Suzy’s Zoo golf stationary, please don’t tell them about this 🙂


One Response to “Nastygram”

  1. Amanda December 29, 2011 at 12:06 am #

    Love the friendly light hearted stationary mixed with the mean note… Not a nice way to welcome you to the neighborhood!

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