The White Elephant Gift

21 Dec

I have decided that the white elephant gift is my favorite holiday game. And I will say the white elephant gift because I am in Southern California and we insert the before important things – things like freeways and Facebook. (So take that my little NorCal hubby!)

Anyway The White Elephant Gift game is awesome and there are a few reasons why:

  1. It’s free. I live with a Dutch person now. Anything that is free is awesome.
  2. You can get rid of your junk. This is the time to clean out your closet. No need to keep the his and hers Croc shoes that someone decided would make an excellent wedding gift. They were made for this game.
  3.  Bigger is better. Skiis, televisions, crock pots, and a full set of the Encyclopedia Britannica  are an exciting win in this game. Plus, they can be regifted to your favorite starving college student who can’t afford any better. Yeah, even the really big TVs that people used to use before they made them flat. College students who take in knowledge rather than income, yet still figure out a way to steal cable,  can watch it on that big ol’ box.
  4. Friends stealing from each other – it’s the best. People fighting over other people’s old coffee mugs and flower paintings that nobody really wants; Classic! There is always that one girl who seriously wants the life size cut-out of one of Justin Bieber and will bite you if you try to steal it. (Steal it- that’s what makes the game fun! She won’t really bite.)
  5. Owning anything As Seen on TV is an instant favorite. Snuggies, Bump-it’s and the Shake Weight are likely to be fought over, but will at least be thought of as a fantastic addition to the game.
  6. It’s perfectly fine if you “forget” to take your prize home. Hey, nobody really wants the hat in the shape of a stuffed frog so if you leave it at the party you won’t be heartbroken.*

One of the best White Elephant Gifts I saw this year.


*Note: Item 5 does not apply to the party host. You will be stuck with random junk. Deal with it.

*Another note: you should remember to take your aligator lawn ornament home if you have another holiday party coming up. It is always advisable to have at least one random item stocked up for your next white elephant party.


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