Work from Home Wednesday

9 Nov

Working from home means phone calls. Lots and lots of phone calls. Whenever I am on the phone my biggest fear is not being able to hit the mute button fast enough if the dogs start barking. Mute can be your best friend when working from home. Most of the time it is even possible to give the impression that you work from a real office and not a garage-turned-office with a fridge and a gun safe in it with dogs running a muck… Just sayin’.

Thank goodness this next part is not really about me. (I was just there and found it hilarious!)

I was on a call with about 70 people – the work from home equivalent of a large team meeting. This is one of those quarterly things that doesn’t happen too often so when it does it is long (two hours!) and everyone pays attention because it is really all the majorly exciting highlights.

Anyway, 20 minutes in someone forgot to hit the mute button and BELCHED! Like the largest, most disgusting burp in the middle of the meeting. Of course we are all dialed in so nobody can really tell who did it but thankfully I was already on mute because I could not stop laughing.

So work from home lesson of the day: use mute.


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