3 Nov

I love lists.

In college I took the Strength’s Finder test (which I totally recommend to anyone by the way). It identified my top strength as Achiever. Here is a fun little description the Gallup lists:

You feel as if every day starts at zero. By the end of the day you must achieve something tangible in order to feel good about yourself. And by “every day” you mean every single day — workdays, weekends, vacations. No matter how much you may feel you deserve a day of rest, if the day passes without some form of achievement, no matter how small, you will feel dissatisfied. You have an internal fire burning inside you. It pushes you to do more, to achieve more. After each accomplishment is reached, the fire dwindles for a moment, but very soon it rekindles itself, forcing you toward the next accomplishment. Your relentless need for achievement might not be logical. It might not even be focused. But it will always be with you.

This is probably pretty accurate; I am not sure if that is good or bad. In any case, one of the things that the actual book said was that people who are Achievers often make lists so that they can cross items off as they “achieve” them.

I suppose that is probably true:

So this is my house to do list.


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