27 Oct

In the past week the topic of rest has come up quite a few times.

Mark came home from a series of shifts and was about to get back to work on the new house and I told him he needed a break and please, please, please let me make him a breakfast sandwich before he was off and running again. If I was begging to make him food at such an early hour you know he needed a break!

And then a I chatted with a friend about how she had too much going on and needed to build in some time for herself.

And last week my Bible study discussed the fourth commandment, the one about remembering the Sabbath day and keeping it holy. It is not just a day to go to church, although that can be a big part of it. It is a day of rest and of spending time with the Lord and loved ones so that we have the energy and ability to work the other days of the week.

But it is much easier to tell other people to take a break than to do so myself!

Last night I was itching to work on the house, and even though I was able to get in some painting, most of the evening was spent in great conversation and some delicious wine in a plastic cup and as it turns out that left me way more energized to finish out the week than another coat of beige would!

Sometimes you just need some time to rest.


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