26 Oct

Sometimes I get excited about something and it is like an instant smack in the face that I am kinda an old person now. (example 1)

Apparently having a mortgage means you get excited by more dumb things. So I made a list of the random items that managed to make me happy lately:

  • Paint in the color Swiss Coffee (Thank you Kelly Moore for making the color of my ceilings sound like a tasty treat! )
  • Matching bath accessories.
  • Costco. Just everything at Costco. Buying in bulk equals old lady. Or family of 17.
  • Candles
  • Budgeting. Excel sheets give me control; I can’t help it.
  • Lists (like this one)
  • My outlook calendar; I honestly could not survive life without it.
  • Jokes about grammar. (But when I was in junior high I loved the word of the day too so maybe this is more of an issue with being a dork than being old. Ameliorate. Go ahead. Use it in a sentence!)
  • Having a clean house. Still don’t like to clean but love when my house is clean.
  • Churros. I don’t think they are an old people thing, but I mentioned Costco above and I love Costco churros…

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