Making a List

19 Oct

I hate that Costco already has Christmas decorations out. No respect these days. They don’t even wait till after Thanksgiving anymore.

I LOVE the holiday season just as much as the next person but I need some time for Turkey and cornucopias, (fake) fall leaves  and all things flavored pumpkin before I jump into holly and mistletoe and gingerbread.

That said, I am obsessive about getting my Christmas gifts done BEFORE Thanksgiving. Hypocritical? Perhaps.

But in any case, for the past three or four years I have started making my list in August. Maybe it is because my dad made me budget my $5 allowance when I was little so I just know I need to plan ahead or maybe it is because the fate doomed me to 4 male birthdays in the same 30 day period as Christmas and heaven knows it takes forever to figure out what in the world to get them. Or maybe I am just crazy.

I am certainly not avoiding the holiday shopping. I actually love the mall at Christmas, aside from the whole parking bit. And honestly it is much more fun if you aren’t frantically racing through the mall hoping that what mom really wants this year is a scented candle from the Body Shop (she doesn’t by the way). The people watching is spectacular, the decorations are fantastic and you have never seen so many children on leashes disguised as backpacks. Almost as good as a Starbucks Apple Cider and driving around looking at the Christmas lights. ALMOST.

Which is why I was so excited that the first Christmas gift I ordered this year arrived in the mail today!

Don’t you dare put away your gourds and pilgrim hats yet and don’t even think about tinsel…  But shopping is always ok so I am making my list 🙂


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