Eggplant Wins

4 Oct

Mark and I have a weird relationship with vegetables. I try to trick him into eating them and he tries to avoid them unless covered by butter or bacon or cheese. Our friend gave us the LARGEST EGGPLANT EVER last week. And I was determined to find a way to get Mark to eat them.But eggplant is not really the type of thing you can shred up and put into a meal.

But here is the thing. I had ZERO idea how to do anything to eggplant. In fact, I had never had eggplant before in my life so I didn’t even know how I could determine if I made it correctly.

Thank goodness for Google. I honestly don’t know how anyone learned to cook before Google. I decided masking eggplant as something Mark did like would be a good first step, so I settled on eggplant Parmesan from this recipe. It got rave reviews – over 1,500 of them with one lady saying it was her husband’s favorite meal. Plus it kinda looks like lasagna which Mark loves.

Delicious cheese and marinara

Plus funny looking eggplant

Equals lasagna looking eggplant parmesan!

Mark liked the eggplant parmesan! And my cousin loved it! I was so excited.

But here is the thing. I did NOT like it. I discovered I do not like eggplant.

Eggplant – 1

Andrea – 0


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