29 Sep

In high school I remember waiting for ages for my parent’s dial up internet to connect so I could log on to my AOL instant messenger and chat with my friends. So I am really talking about the end of sophomore year because that’s when I got boobs friends. Shortly after making friends with guys who appreciated my  boobs love of glittery star apparel (come on, if you are a child of the early 80’s I know you have a studded belt or something similar in your wardrobe history), I met some of the most amazing girls ever.

One of those ladies is hands-down one of the most outgoing, fun loving people I know. She is always in the middle of the action and probably initiating midnight skinny dipping.  And thank goodness that back in the day when I logged on to AOL Instant Messenger I got to chat with HavasuHedy.

We checked out baseball butts in high school, drove through the Grand Canyon without realizing it, met up at Paul’s every Christmas break to eat biscuits and gravy and always, ALWAYS talked about boys.

A constant topic of discussion for the past 5 or 6 Christmas’ has been one particular boy. He is just perfect for my friend and it has been so exciting to hear all the latest updates. They are such a fun couple and this weekend they are GETTING MARRIED!

I am so excited. Thisisgoingtobesuchafunwedding!

SO excited for another wedding! (HavasuHedy in orange)


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