Friday fav’s

23 Sep

Last night we had our first Bible study with our new group. One of the get to know you questions was what was your first date. And so Friday fav’s get a little nostalgic. Here is the short version.

  1. Tiffany and I decided to have new years be a girls weekend and we went to Ripon to house sit so the first stop was of course, Pizza Plus.
  2. Mark said to Tiffany and I, “Can I have either of your phone numbers?”
  3. Mark got my phone number (luckily!)
  4. Mark asked me to go to dinner with him on new years eve.
  5. I said yes — but brought Tiffany.
  6. Tiffany said she would come, but brought 3 boys.
  7. Nobody had room available at a nice restaurant for 6 people.
  8. Mark bought us pizza.
  9. Mark got one slice of pizza because the other boys ate the rest.
  10. LOVE

Girls weekend - classic Friday Fav. Even from 2007. Even with that jacket. And those walls

meeting Mark on girls weekend? Best!


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