Splish Splash

20 Sep

The other day Mark and I got in the house to measure some things and check out a few details before escrow closes. We were so excited to check out all the different rooms and talk about the little things here and there that we would change.

One of the reasons we were so excited to get this house because the only necessary major project we had to put on our list was painting.  Everything else is just a bonus and we could make some upgrades here and there over time.

But then we went upstairs. The master is great and we just love both of the guest bedrooms. And then we went into the guest bathroom. Twenty years ago it was probably a top of the line custom bathroom. I am sure someone somewhere put a grey toilet and blue bathtub with jets at the top of their bathroom wish list. Missing from their list though, was a shower.

There is no shower head, or connection for a shower head. Or even walls beyond a foot and a half of tile around the tub to make a shower. Just the tub. with it’s sweet 80’s jets.

And we have roommate living with us right now and either my parents, brother or sister usually visits about once every few months. How do you all feel about a nice soak in our blue jetted tub every time you come visit?

Just kidding 🙂 The guest bath just got bumped up to project number one after move in!

get ready for demo blue tub!


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