Sneaky Zucchini

24 Aug

Mark does NOT like vegetables. At. All. He has the taste of a carnivorous 5 year old. But I love veggies. Salads, raw carrots, grilled artichokes, you name it!

Since we have been dating I have periodically tried different recipes to find a way to get him to, if not enjoy, at least eat vegetables. He is not a fan of anything green. Although he will agree to put the vegetables on his plate and even say they look good, I notice that most of the time he hardly takes more than one bite.

So I tried something new. And when he found out he claimed it was sneaky, sneaky zucchini.

I shredded an entire zucchini into teensy, tinsy pieces and mixed it in a tomato and meat sauce. Although it looked different, Mark had NO IDEA! It was great. He ate the whole thing without once thinking it tasted of vegetables. I he tasted was meat.

When I told someone about it the next day within his ear shot he gasped. I am pretty proud of my new sneaky zucchini method.


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