Friday Fav’s

5 Aug

Today my fav is my husband Mark. No, it is not our anniversary or anything. But this week he made me feel so special and all my most favorite things were from him so it seems fair that he is really my absolute fav. On top of this, I can also attribute my favorites below to him.

A souvenir from his vacation last week. He knows I love little gifts so this was perfect 🙂

Mark and I made these for our wedding and just in time to move (over a year after the wedding) we sold them! Hooray!

Injury flowers

So there is a story to the flowers above. Mark decided to get me these eloquently described Injury Flowers Thursday afternoon to make me feel better after my injury.

Thursday morning I was running with my dogs and stumbled. The huge beasts that are my babies continued full speed ahead, and because I have the reflexes of a sloth, I held tight to their leashes and took a massive tumble. I limped back home with blood running down my legs (staining my shoes – boo) and some serious bloody scrapes on my hip and hands (gross!).

I woke Mark up to make sure I didn’t get hepatitis – honestly that’s what I said. It was the only thing I could think of that justified waking him up to apply a Band-Aid, albeit the largest Band-Aid Walgreen’s carries.  I was pretty certain you can’t get it from asphalt but I thought I would wake up the paramedic student to be sure. He cleaned me all up and assured me I was disease free.

But I was limping around and hurting and so Mark brought home gorgeous flowers for me after school! It was the sweetest thing. Injury flowers. I love them.

Mark told me not to put a picture of the injury up because blood is gross so I thought this would be better - flowers, souvenir shirt and my injury all wrapped up by my own medic!


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