Everyone Loves Bakersfield

27 Jul

Ok that is not true.

But I used to have a roommate who was from Bakersfield and she had a Bumper sticker that said something like that. In any case that’s what I was thinking about as Mark and I made our way south for a family reunion last weekend. While not everyone loves Bakersfield, I love my family so it made Bakersfield mildly bearable for one evening.

My brother and sister ALWAYS crack me up. My brother was LOVING the “best restaurant in town,” Wool Growers.

And my sister was able to get all the pickled cow tongue she wanted by raising her hand in the restaurant:

Ok just kidding about her wanting more pickled cow tongue but for reals on it actually being served at the table.

My dad enjoying his pickled cow tongue.

Although my family may not have a taste for fine Basque cuisine, we did enjoy spending time together in a place my aunt calls Bakerspatch.

Me loving hanging with the fam!

The fam "loving" Bakersfield?

Anyway, Bakersfield may not be a tourist hot spot but it was nice to see my family so I would go there would love to schedule another family weekend adventure soon! Maybe somewhere else though…


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